The Boy With One Stomach

(reproduced with kind permission from the author)

the boy with One Stomach by Pearl

Once apona time tere was a boy with one stomach next door lived a boy with twoo stomach.  they usato play but now they jist agueu and fint.  one day aus they fintit and agued a soft girl saw them out her windo.  she called to the boys Hollo and wat are you doing you must be tired and dissaprid the next minit she was out agin she had a palt ov cokkies and 3 maggs of milk she told the boys her name was ella and she would like to now wat they were doing in her gradn. twoo stomach siad him had twoo stomach.  one stomach said he had one stomach.  ella loved one stomach and mirred him they lived happliy every after.  the end

Interview with the author:
Kate:  So, Pearl, why does one boy have two stomachs?
Pearl: One boy has two stomachs and he’s older.  The boy has two stomachs because he’s older.
Kate: Do we all grow two stomachs when we get older?
Pearl: No, you just grow a bigger one.  I meant twice the one stomach’s size.  But I just wanted to put “two stomachs” instead of “big stomach”.  ‘Cos two stomachs is interestinger.



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