Another first…

… although this is one I’d happily have put off!  Babess has thrown her first tantrum.  It was a micro-tantrum, as befits a nine-month-old, but very definitely a hissy fit.

Pearl and Fainjin were playing football (soccer) outside with their dad, who had been carrying Babess so she could “play” too.  But the washing needed to come in off the line, and it’s hard to do that with a baby on your hip.  I was busy in the kitchen, so suggested he leave her on the floor near me, and close the door to prevent an escape.

She threw him a dirty look as he closed the door, and barked out a “Wah!”.  What a world of meaning that girl can put into a simple “Wah”!  Then she rolled onto her back, made eye contact with me, gently but audibly put her head back on the floor, and wailed very briefly, waving arms and legs.   Attracting very little sympathy (“Them’s the breaks, kid”), she decided there were probably better things to do with her time and crawled off to find a toy.

Her mother smothered a grin, and went back to the dishes.  If only all tantrums in this house were so brief!

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