Fire Engines!

Fainjin’s daycare take the children on an outing once a week – his outing day is Friday.  This morning when Babess and I took him in, we found out that his group was going to the fire station.  A match made in heaven!  It made things very easy for me, because he’s often unsettled when I leave, so I had planned to stay until they left for the outing, and hope it worked out.  Of course, all I had to say was, “You go with your teacher to see the fire engines, and I’ll go home now” and he didn’t even look back.

I was sorry I couldn’t go with them, actually: it would have been a treat to see his reaction.  But I heard a little about it this evening.  The trip certainly made an impression on him.  Every night when he comes home, I ask, “Did you have a good day?  What did you do?”  and on Fridays, “Where did you go?  What did you see?”.  And every night I get the toddler equivalent of a shrug and “Nothing”.  But not tonight.  When I asked about his day, his face lit up and he said “We saw a FAINJIN!!” … and some other stuff I couldn’t quite catch but I know he was happy and excited about it.

Apparently they had to leave the fire station a bit early, because the siren went off and all the firefighters had to leave in a hurry.  I suspect that just made the trip even better for the kids.  I can’t wait to see the photos!

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