Apparently, Pearl spent her lunchtime today doing research on space, using the books we bought on Friday.  She brought one of them home tonight, but left the other at school so she can continue her efforts tomorrow.

Fainjin often comes up to me with a book in his hand.  “Up, Mama, up”.  I sit, if I’m not already, and he backs up to me so I can lift him to sit on my lap.  I might be eating my breakfast, reading the paper, working on the computer, but it doesn’t matter.  He gently but firmly seizes my left hand and places the book in it, bringing my right hand around to turn the pages.

Babess wriggles and twists and escapes from her nappy change.   She’s seen Fainjin’s book on tractors, and must have it!  She loves to turn to pages, but doesn’t display much patience for the story yet.


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