Favourite Auntie

Fainjin’s daycare had a working bee today.  Some families took their kids along, but mostly they only have one each.  If we took ours – especially Babess – we wouldn’t get any work done.  So my wonderful sister looked after the tribe for the morning.

Pearl had wanted to come with us, and was looking forward to indulging her cleaning fetish.  I had said that if she was very good she might be allowed to clean the toilets – the adult one and both the toddler ones.  Unfortunately, last night she was naughty about going to bed and rude to us as well, so she wasn’t allowed to come along after all.  Cue weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth at 6:30am.  “I want to go cleeeannnning!  I want to go cleaaannning!” Sob, sob.  I felt bad about dumping that on my sister, but I figured that if Pearl behaved herself, my sister might get a clean bathroom out of it.

As we drove up the driveway, Fainjin started bouncing in his seat, “Auntie B’s house!  Auntie B’s house!”  This was especially cheering, as until recently he called her “Nana”, much to our bemusement.  All three children were quite happy to be left with the wondrous waffle-cooking Auntie B and their cousins, even my clingy Babess, who hasn’t been left with anyone during daytime before.

We scrubbed and rubbed and washed and folded and sorted for the morning, then returned to find them all happily eating lunch.  Fainjin was most excited.  He had a small pile of photos next to him, but also had Vegemite all over his hands, and didn’t want to get the photos mucky.  I solved the problem by holding the photos for him, and letting him tell me all about them.  You see, Auntie B lives just around the corner from the fire station.  I know!  Waffles and fire engines!  Have you ever heard of a more perfect woman?  So they had been for a walk, and noticed that the volunteer fire crew were doing some training, stopped to watch, and been invited in for a good look.

Apparently Fainjin was a bit dubious about climbing into the truck, although his big sister and cousin did.  And he was absolutely thrilled when they turned the siren on, just for him.

kids looking at the fire engine

climb aboard!

Thanks, Auntie B.


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