Teeny Houdini

Scene: A Sunday afternoon.  Fainjin is in his bed, not sleeping.  Rather loudly, but not unhappily.  Pearl is running around the garden, enjoying the winter sun.  Their Dad is pruning the roses (go, Super-Dad!).  I am in our bedroom, and Babess is crawling around near me, demolishing the laundry pile and generally having a good time.

Babess wanders off, if you can wander while crawling.  There’s a toybox in the kitchen which usually attracts her attention, so I don’t pay much mind.  But a couple of minutes later it dawns on me that I don’t hear her in the kitchen.  It also dawns on me that one of the doors to the outside world is probably ajar, given that half the family is outside.

I go through the kitchen and see the open back door.  Babess is sitting in the doorway, pushing the door more open.  In a few seconds, she could be out on the concrete step – I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know how to negotiate steps safely, as we don’t have any inside the house.

“What are you doing?” I ask mildly.

She nearly jumps out of her skin!  Clearly she hadn’t heard me coming, being intent on escape.  She lets out a combination squawk and roar, and glares at me with a look of outraged wounded guilt.

Totally busted, baby.


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