Growth Spurt

The other day, Babess had a late nap. I got her up at 5:30pm – a late dinner, for her – so I could hardly put her back to bed at 6:30, which is her usual bed-time.

Instead, she got to sit up with her Dad and me, after the other children had gone to bed.  She thought it was wonderful to have the undivided attention of us both, and lapped it up.  I suppose it’s something that third children cherish; Pearl regarded our full attention as her absolute right (and still tries to command it), and even Fainjin got a decent share.

So she made the most of her opportunity, playing peek-a-boo, covering us in kisses, stroking our cheeks, and pulling her socks off to play her latest favourite game.  She gives you a sock, saying “Ta!”, then you give it back and she says “Ta!”, then she gives it you and says “Ta!”…  You can probably figure out the rest of the rules by yourself.

This is a very funny game, especially if there are two adults to play with at once, and more so when the adults start trying to be clever by hiding one of the socks, or passing them behind your back.  It wasn’t long before she was helpless with hiccough-y giggles.  She was fully aware of how we were trying to trick her, her eyes alight with intelligent mischief.

She seems somehow even more alert and engaging recently.  This is a bit strange for me to say, as I’ve always thought of her as very alert and engaging anyway.  But it’s as if her personality has undergone a bit of a growth spurt.

New words this week: bee, bzzz, spoon, moo, woof (“ufffff”), UP!

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