The Look

Babess and I went out for lunch today, with my team from work.  I took along some food for her, and got the restaurant to give me some bread for her to chew on as well.  Of course, her bread came out before my lunch did, and it was warm and crusty and smelled delicious.  I gave her a crust to chew on, and she munched very happily.  She finished it, and pointed imperiously, so I gave her some more.  I also ripped off a little bit for myself.


I was pinned by an outraged glare.  She didn’t need to words to say, “And just what do you think you’re doing with my bread?  Hmm?”

My colleagues, witnessing this, could not contain their laughter.  I grinned with them, then looked back.  The withering scowl was still on her face, and I could swear she lifted one eyebrow at me.

Shamefaced, I gave her back the bread.  Which she chewed once, then threw on the floor.

One Response to “The Look”

  1. whymommy Says:

    Doesn’t this just sum up life as a mom? We’re tempted to sacrifice everything for the kids … but they can do whatever they want with it; they may not even want it.

    Cracks me up.

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