Crazy Hair Day

It’s the last day of term (sob!), and has been declared “Crazy Cranium Day” – kids are meant to wear a funny hairstyle or hat.  It took 45min to do Pearl’s hair this morning.

getting started

First, I put her hair up into 15 little ponytails.

Then I plaited them all with florist’s wire, and would have taken more photos, but the battery light on the camera was flashing, so I saved it for the end.  Then I twisted the plaits into spirals, and sprayed them all different colours (thanks Auntie B for the coloured hairspray!)

oops, red ear from the red hairspray!


You can’t see all the colours well in the photo, but there are splotches of red, gold, silver, and pink sparkles.  She was thrilled!

Then we hurried to school, making it just in time.  The other girls in her class clustered around her, so excited, chattering away and telling her how awesome her hair looked.  She shook her head and ran away.  I followed and asked her what was wrong.  “I don’t like people making comments about my hair!” she wailed.

I felt like pulling my own hair out.  Oh well.  I’m sure she will quickly get used to and very much enjoy the attention.

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