Little Miss Sparkle

Babess is quite the character at the moment.  Whenever she sees me with the phone – whether I’ve just answered it, or am calling someone else – she waves at it and says “Hello!”  If it’s her Dad, I put him on speaker so he can say hello back, and she beams at the phone, then tries to grab it to push some buttons.

She loves to stand up, holding on to the nearest chair or coffee table or even wall, and wave at us until we wave back.  Then she’ll grin like a loon and bounce up and down.  She’s such a bouncy baby.

If she finds something on the floor that she knows she shouldn’t have – this evening it was a pen – she grabs it, then chortles, looks over her shoulder to check we’ve seen her, and takes off at a rate of knots with her treasure.  She found the pen in the living room, her Dad was following when I joined the chase from our bedroom, and she still managed to make it into the kitchen before we caught her!  All the while looking over her shoulder and twinkling at us, just loving the thrill of the chase.

She’ll sit in my lap, facing me, and wrap her arms around my head, and give me great big sloppy open-mouth kisses, “Ahhhh”, while patting me with both hands so it feels like she is clapping my ears.  She loves to give Pearl hugs, too, and even Fainjin, although she is more cautious about approaching him because his movements are unpredictable.  Daddy doesn’t seem to get as many, perhaps it’s the tickly beard.

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