None of the children stirred before 8am this morning.  8am!  What wonderful, dear, little darlings I have.

This was especially appreciated because the not-so-dear little darlings next door had a party last night.  Or rather, this morning:  the music started thumping at 1am and continued until at least 3am.  But we’ve had (cordial) words with them today, and hopefully they’ll try to be more considerate in future.

Nonetheless, I have been left rather fuzzy around the edges by lack of sleep.  This can be somewhat dangerous, as the children are all sharp as tacks.  Happily, I don’t think they took undue advantage today.

Two scenes of the day:

Fainjin kicking a plush unicorn around the kitchen floor, yelling “GOAL!” as it skidded under the dining table (shhh, don’t tell Pearl, it’s her unicorn).

Babess copying Fainjin to name everything going in the supermarket trolley.  We’d hear “Butta” as the butter was handed over, and a little echo would say “dubba”… too cute!

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