Today’s Lessons

1.  If you delay getting ready to go out by disappearing into your bedroom to read for 20 minutes every time you’re asked to do something, and whine and complain about every little thing, and throw a huge hissy fit because you didn’t want your hair plaited (even though you stood there and made no comment or request while it was being done), then your mother will decide it’s just too hard to take you out to morning tea, the magic show, lunch and the holiday activities at the library.  Not to mention too late, due to the repeated delays.

2. If you then throw a bigger hissy fit over how unfair this all is, including but not limited to unplaiting your hair and throwing the hairties and hairclips at your mother and threatening to run away, then your mother will not change her mind.

3.  Some days there is just not enough chocolate in the world to help your mother through the school holidays.

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