Itty Bit

Babess is small for her age.  She is still wearing some size 3-6-month clothes, although she can now wear some size 9-month clothes too (what is up with baby clothes sizing, anyway?).  However, she is a bright, alert 13-month old, with 13-month old behaviour.  For some reason, this combination is super-cute.  And it’s not just me saying so, although I do think she’s adorable and I’m sure I’m not at all biased.

Everywhere we go, I hear – overhear, or have said to me – “Look at that cute baby”, “Ooooh, she’s so cute!”, “What a little cutie”, and so on.  People ask me how old she is, and are shocked when I tell them, which is a little disconcerting.  After all, they’ve often just seen her clap her hands, say hello, play peek-a-boo at them, put something on her head and say “hat!”, and/or stand up unassisted.  Perhaps they would be less surprised at that behaviour from a 6-month-old of average size than from a tiny one-year-old?

I don’t mind that, I just find it interesting watching people’s reactions.  I’m often asked whether she was prem (no, in fact she was overdue), or tiny at birth (no, she was the largest of my three at 8lb1oz).  Her size is causing no alarm in medical circles, and consensus seems to be that she uses so much energy moving around (and being cute) that there’s not much left over for growing.  She certainly eats enough!  Tonight she had a 250g jar of lasagne babyfood, followed by a 300mL container of cheerios cereal as finger food, plus a couple of baby-handfuls of her Nana’s chicken (we were at a restaurant).  And she’s still breastfed of course.

She’s probably got some sort of super-model metabolism.  She’ll thank us, later.

One Response to “Itty Bit”

  1. Stimey Says:

    I find it so amusing the proclamations that strangers make about my kids. One would tell me my baby was huge. One would tell me my baby was tiny. It’s so funny.

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