What did you do in the holidays?

Tra-la-la, my heart is light today.  For school has started again, and therefore the sun has come out.

Pearl, needless to say, did not entirely share my joy this morning.  “I hate school,” she grumped.

“No, you don’t sweetheart, you just hate getting ready for school.”

It seems teachers have no more imagination at the start of term these days than they did when I was young – the morning activity was “Holiday News”, followed by writing a story about what you did in the holidays.  We’d talked about that this morning, while I was doing her hair.  We listed what she’d done – a holiday programme with a beach party, scone-making and a movie; seeing her cousin compete (wonderfully well) in the finals of a talent quest; making brownies almost all by herself; seeing a fairy show; doing “space activities” at the library… and so on.

So tonight over dinner, I asked what she’d written about.  “Grammar worksheets,” she replied.

Oh yes.  She really did study grammar in her school holidays.  I found some free grammar worksheets on the internet and gave her some last week – nouns and their plurals, synonyms, antonyms, adjectives, verbs of being and verbs of action.  The sort of thing that (as far as I can tell) they don’t teach in school any more.  I suggested it, and shared some of my love for the English language with her, and she enjoyed it.  There was no compulsion and no bribery involved.  In fact, it was more “tidy your room and I’ll print out an extra worksheet for you”.  (Reverse bribery?)  She’s asked to do some grammar every day, not just in the holidays.  I think I’ll have to start making up my own worksheets.

I can’t help but wonder what the teacher thought about it, though.


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