Or (d) none of the above

It was shower night (we don’t have a bath).  After dinner, I asked a tired Fainjin, “Who do you want to help you in the shower tonight?”

He looked at me blankly.  I said, “Fainjin, shower time!”, and he said, “Yay!  Shower!”

So I said, “Who’s going to help?  Mummy?  with the shower, or Daddy?”

He frowned at me, and said, “No!  Fainjin  shower!”


After we’d sorted that out, the Dad told me that Fainjin has a regular joke with him in the mornings.  When he goes in to get the younger two dressed, he always asks who wants to get up first.

“Fainjin first for the nappy change, or Babess first?”

And the answer is always, “No!  Daddy first!  Ahahahaha!”

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