Winter warmth

Fainjin had an extra day at daycare this week, to his delight, so Babess and I had an unusually quiet Thursday.  It was lovely and sunny, even warm, but my fledgling plans for the day were foiled so we stayed at home.  I spent quite a lot of time building towers out of stacking cups, and teaching Babess to say “Crash!”.  She was very enthusiastic, often destroying towers of only two cups, and shouting “Ash!” as she brought them down.  Then she worked out that she could stifle my architectural ambitions by confiscating one of the middle-sized cups and holding it away from me.  She would pretend-drink from it, her eyes sparkling at me over the rim.

After school, we took Pearl down to the park by the beach, where she ran around on her own adventures while I pushed Babess on the swing and she delighted onlookers by chortling gleefully.  There’s something about the sound of baby joy which never fails to cheer people up – perhaps it’s the utter purity of the emotion.  No-one was grumpy when we arrived, but smiles were a lot broader after Babess started laughing.

It almost felt like summer.

One Response to “Winter warmth”

  1. Mary Says:

    Oh wow, this post tickled me hot pink. Stealing the cup was a very, very clever thing to do! And you are so right about the sounds of a happy baby….Glad you had a good day!!

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