Babess and I had our first “settling” visit to daycare.  I don’t think she realised it, because we just did what I try to do at least once a week anyway – spend an hour or so at daycare with Fainjin.

As soon as we arrived, she wriggled out of my arms and was off.  Her first stop was the Lost Property box, where she discovered several pairs of socks which needed re-distributing around the room.  Then she saw some blocks to pile up on top of each other, found some musical instruments, watched some other kids painting and drawing while she sucked on a crayon, looked out of the windows for a while, and eventually looked up to check I was still there.  I don’t think she’ll have much trouble settling in.

My heart was thoroughly warmed when we arrived to be greeted by excited teachers who were all thrilled that Babess would be “theirs” while I work.  I feel a lot better leaving her with people I already know, whom she already knows, and who love her.

We’ll start spending more and more time there over the next couple of weeks, and I will start leaving her for an hour or so to get used to the idea that I can go away but I always come back.  She’ll eat lunch and snacks there, and learn to take a nap in a new place.

I wonder how long it will take me to settle into my new place?

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