I’m getting a taste of my future life at the moment.  Babess is “settling” at daycare, which means we visit every day for at least a couple of hours.  This means a quick scramble to do some housework before we leave to take Pearl to school, then we take a bus through town.  So far I have stayed with Babess all the time, except for half an hour on Friday, which she handled better than I did.  The aim is for her to have a nap or two there this week, so she gets used to the sleep room and the idea that she has a bed there.  Perhaps tomorrow.

We stay for morning tea, and sometimes lunch, then get the bus home again.  Since she hasn’t had a nap at daycare yet, Babess is usually pretty worn out by the time we get on the bus, and often sleeps all the way home.  Then there’s a quick scramble to do the breakfast dishes and perhaps – if I managed to hang it out – bring in the laundry before we leave again to collect Pearl after school.  Then it’s into our usual whirlwind of afternoon tea, spelling homework, violin practice (with obbligato complaints and nagging) and preparing dinner.

No wonder I haven’t finished the two three baby quilts I have on the go at the moment!


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