New words

Sometimes Babess will say something that sounds like she’s talking instead of babbling, and I always answer her just as if that’s what she intended to say, but I don’t really think she’s said new words, just got lucky with the babbling – if you see what I mean.  Speaking of babble, that was a particularly long sentence…

So today, I don’t know quite what to think.  She had eaten her banana and most of her sandwich, and was holding up her arms, saying “Mama mama mama”.  I asked “Have you finished your lunch, then?”, and she clearly said “Ess.”

I blinked a bit, and said, “OK, I’ll take away your tray”, and as I did she said, “Dank”.  Which was pretty clearly “Thanks”.

It wasn’t babbling, but I might not write them down in her baby book just yet…

Oh, and she has another tooth, number 5.  Three on the top and two on the bottom now.  No drama with this one, thank goodness.

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