Fainjin and I were watching the football on TV this afternoon.  He was really into it, too, leaning to see around people (Pearl) who walked in front of the screen, and shouting “Goooooaaal!” when our team scored.

So I was quite enjoying sitting there on the couch with him at my right-hand side, all cosied up.  Babess came along and begged for “Up!  Mama!  Up!”, and I lifted her into my lap.  She snuggled for a few seconds, then wriggled, and I was about to put her down to sit on my other side but Fainjin stopped me.

“No, Mama, Babess sit here!” he said, patting the couch next to him.  I looked at her, and she grinned at him, so I sat her next to him, the three of us in a row with Fainjin in the middle.  He beamed at his baby sister, who looked adoringly back, and he said, “Now Babess, watch soccer!”

Sometimes they’re so sweet my teeth hurt.

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