“Hey Mum!  Imagine if we all said up was really down and down was really up!  Wouldn’t that be messed up?”

I paused in my dishwashing and turned towards her.  I still have no idea what sparked her thoughts in this direction.  I said, “Not really, as long as everyone agreed which was which.”


“Well,” I waved the red dishbrush, “imagine if everyone agreed this colour was called “blue”.  You could ask anyone in the street walking past and they’d say it was blue.  And this -” a blue dish – “was red.”

“That would be messed up!” she said.

“No, because everyone would agree.  This is red and this is blue.  Everyone would say that.  No-one would think any different.  Would that be messed up?”

She blinked, and slowly said “Noooo…”.

I said, “It would just be like speaking a slightly different language.  You change the names of things, the labels, but not the things themselves.”

Her expression cleared, and she said “I get it!  Cool!”

Now she’ll have to find other ways to mess with my head.  I’m sure she will, but it must be hard sometimes having a parent who’s studied logic.

One Response to “Philosophy”

  1. Karen Says:

    Has Pearl been listening to “The Opposite Song” on the Justine Clarke ‘I like to Sing’ CD (which we gave her brother). If so it got her thinking….

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