Deja vu

Fainjin has croup again.  Babess has a cough too.  At times last night I couldn’t tell which of them was coughing.  I braved the glares of the old ladies on the bus this morning to take them both to the doctor.  As we arrived, they started coughing in stereo – very impressive. And on the way home, as the bus stopped outside the hospital, one elderly lady asked me if I was getting off there: “I just thought, that awful cough…”

It turns out that Fainjin also has an ear infection, so he gets two different medicines.  He thinks that’s great; it seems medicines taste a lot better these days than when I was a kid.  Babess is fine, or at least not sick enough to need medication.  I know what to do, and when, if she should get worse.

I’m sick of writing about croup, we’ve had enough of that this winter.  Fingers crossed for a more peaceful night tonight.


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