First Day

Babess had her first “real day” at daycare today.  She left with her Dad and big brother early this morning, leaving Pearl and me to get ready for school in a quiet, odd kind of emptiness.  I’m told Babess and Fainjin entertained each other royally in the back seat all the way to town.

There aren’t as many kids at daycare as usual at the moment – winter colds are taking their toll – so the ones who are there have a higher chance of going on an outing.  Babess got taken for a walk and a ride on public transport and to a little museum on top of a hill, quite an adventure for her first day.  She came back with a stamp on her hand and sound asleep.

She wasn’t interested in the hot lunch, but had some fruit muesli, tried to nap but was bothered by a cough.  I arrived to pick her up just after that, knowing that she’s had a cold and wanting to give her a shorter day.  She was pleased to see me and snuggled into my arms.  We came home, and she slept for nearly two hours.  She may or may not go tomorrow, I’ll see how her cold and cough are in the morning.


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