Suspicious behaviour

The love of my life came home smelling of another woman’s perfume.  Conspicuously happy, and showering me with affection.

Clearly, she’d had a wonderful day at daycare, and had lots of snuggles with her teacher.

It was her first full day.  I kept her home yesterday to fight the cough and cold, and she was ready to go this morning.  I called mid-morning to see how things were going, whether I needed to collect her early.  We decided that an earlier-than-usual pick-up would be a good idea, so the Dad finished work a little early and brought the two young ones home.  It was lovely, actually.  They arrived home happy and hungry, and it was still daylight – sunny even! – and even better, the Dad cooked dinner.  Babess was very tired, though, so after dinner she had her bath and went straight to bed.

There’s always more fun to be had tomorrow!


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