She sat like a storybook princess, her courtiers timorously presenting carefully-prepared tidbits of the finest comestibles, only to have her turn her nose up at every single one.  They offered various delicious beverages, in a variety of containers, to be met with an upraised palm and turned head.

Babess had decided that nothing was going to be good enough, today.  Poor teachers.  They felt like they had failed in some way.  But no.  As I explained, we as parents are burdened blessed with very stubborn bloody-minded strong-willed children.

They are already familiar with Fainjin and his finicky ways.  I told them about Pearl.  She was only six months old when she started at daycare, so wasn’t quite on solids yet.  She launched a nursing strike for an entire week.  She would not take a drop from any of her teachers, despite being quite comfortable taking a bottle from her Dad (we had tried to prepare her for the experience).  She preferred to wait until evening, when she could have Mum, and she would nurse for an hour or more.  Just what I needed, my first week in a new job in a new town, when I was also trying to provide enough for the bottles she wouldn’t drink.

She got over it.  Babess will too.  And hopefully Fainjin will learn from her, not the other way ’round.

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