Please can I have some more homework?

“Please, Mummy, is it OK if I do some grammar worksheets in the library before school starts, as well as at after-school care?”

Um, sure.  I’ll print out some more for you.

I’m really pleased she shares my love for the English language and its structure.  It just feels very odd to have my child beg for worksheets.   And I do wonder what her teacher thinks of it all.

This evening I saw she had written a story on the whiteboard in her room, and I asked about it.  “Oh, it’s not really a story,” she informed me airily.  “It’s just a character description.  But I did two characters, because the princess has a pony and the pony’s a character too.”  I got the distinct impression that she was doing the spadework for a major literary oeuvre.

I can see the day coming where I’ll be organising the catering for her book launches.  Cool.

One Response to “Please can I have some more homework?”

  1. Margaret (Nanny Goats) Says:

    Oh, that’s so wonderful. I wish I had that much enthusiasm for writing. It sounds like she loves the PROCESS, whereas I enjoy HAVING ALREADY BEEN THROUGH THE PROCESS. {SIGH}

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