At day’s end

Babess was sitting on the floor when we arrived, a large piece of paper covered in scribbles in front of her.  She had a felt-tipped pen in each hand, and was happily waving them at the paper (and sometimes even making marks on it).  The teacher with her looked up and said hello.  Babess glanced up, did a bit of a double take, and beamed to see us.  She smiled at me, and came crawling… right past me to her father.

Fainjin was having his nappy changed.  He objected to donning his trousers afterwards, and ran away screaming “No pants!  No pants!”, tears streaming down his face.  He continued to object to them all the way home (and it was only about 7 degrees C, or 40-something F).  We don’t know why.  We don’t think he knows why either.

Pearl was watching TV at after-school care, having presumably run out of grammar worksheets.  She didn’t see me come in, and when I greeted her she slumped in her chair, trying to pretend she hadn’t heard me.

I suppose we all get a bit tired of each other at times!

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