Pearl was bragging that she knew her five-times table, so we were quizzing her.  Fainjin kept interjecting.

“OK, Pearl, what’s one times five?”

Two!” “Five! That’s easy!”

“And what’s two times five?”

Two!” “Ten.”

“Three times five?”

Two!” “Fifteen.”

And so on, up to ten times five.  “Two!

We solemnly agreed with him that two is a very important number.  After all, it’s the only even prime!  But it doesn’t feature much in the five times table.

One Response to “Two!”

  1. Bec Says:

    lmao! I sat with Erin tonight asking her how old she is, she’s “two” too! Then I ask, “how old’s mama?” “Two!”, “How old’s Daddy?” “Two!”, “How old’s Nanu?” “Two!” and then I asked “How old’s Grandma?” “Six!” she says and then claps for herself.

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