Full tummy

I’ve been sending a little box of pasta to daycare for Fainjin to have about 4pm.  He seems to be hungry then, and often is not by dinnertime.  We’ve only tried this a couple of times, but it seems to be working well.  However, this evening I forgot to collect the empty box and ask how things had gone.

Not really expecting any sensible answer, I asked him during the drive home, “Did you eat your pasta today?”

“Yes, plain pasta!  And chicken pasta.”

“Oh, good!”

“And cheese.”

“They gave you some cheese with it?  That’s good.”

“And gar’c bread.”

“Garlic bread?  Reeeeally?”

“And yogurt.  And marmite.  And butter.  And toast.  And cake yogurt!  And anuvver cake yogurt!”

Cake yogurt is what he calls the chocolate-flavoured “dairy food” we sometimes get as a treat.  So I really have no idea what or how much he ate this afternoon.  If anything.  Then again, as I said, I wasn’t expecting a sensible answer.  It doesn’t matter.  He ate a dinner of sorts – toast and yogurt, and more toast – and clearly wasn’t starved.


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