Tweetle tweetle toot toot toot

It’s 2:55pm.  Small groups of parents are standing in clumps around the schoolyard, quietly chatting, as they wait for their offspring to emerge from their classrooms.  It’s chilly and breezy, but peaceful.

At 3, the bell rings.  Children come pouring out of the classrooms, down the steps, a colourful riot of tumbling energy.  And they are armed.  Each one of them has been given a recorder.  Several of them are “playing”.  The school rings with toots and tweets and the shrieks of overblown descants.

Mothers exchange glances.  “Ooooh, these school holidays are going to be fun.”

Pearl’s recorder was in her schoolbag.  I’m proud of her.  She knows (most of the time) that musical instruments are for making music, not just noise.  We probably will have fun these holidays!


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