Babess is officially a tiny baby.  She is 15 months old today, and was weighed and measured.  She is the weight of an average 6-month-old, and the height of an average 9-month old.  Nonetheless, she eats well (very well!) and her development is all on track, so all is well.

She got the rest of her vaccinations today.  She was not impressed at all with the experience, screaming long and loud, and writhing frantically in a futile effort to escape.  I fed her afterwards, and she glared up at me for ages, a dark and angry look that clearly said “How could you let the nurse do that to me?  How could you hold me down for it?!”  She kept giving me little scowls all the way home, too.  I think it was several hours before she forgave me.  At least it’s all over for another three years now.  And you can explain things to a 4-year-old.

Tonight, I was reading Fainjin a story before bed when Babess came out in her pyjamas.  She was angry to find him in my lap – usurping her rightful place! – so angry that she got to her feet, totally unsupported in the middle of the floor, and took at least two steps towards us.  I caught sight of her out of the corner of my eye, and when I realised she was walking I gasped!  And she immediately realised what she was doing and dropped to her knees.

It makes me wonder whether she walks around all over the place when no-one is looking…


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