All the exciting sights

Babess and I took the bus to town this morning.  The Dad was staying home with Fainjin, who is contagious, and taking Pearl to school.

Babess had a wonderful time talking to everyone on the bus and waving to the people on the street.  But the finest moment was when the bus stopped right outside a shoe-shop.  With her nose pressed up against the window, she exclaimed ecstatically, “Shooooooes!!”, much to the amusement of everyone sitting near us.

Later in the day, the Dad and Fainjin were in town doing some shopping when a nearby building was evacuated for a fire drill.  Three fire-engines arrived, to Fainjin’s great delight.  They stayed and watched the firemen run around for quite a while.

Sometimes entertaining your children can be very easy and completely free.

One Response to “All the exciting sights”

  1. MrsDesperate Says:

    Isn’t it funny how the little things in life amuse the kids? Dropping my husband at his office for the first time after we moved here, Miss 6 said: ‘Isn’t Daddy to lucky to come here every day!’ We wondered why, and she said: “Because he gets to see this beautiful fountain”. I’d hardly noticed it. Kids can teach us so much – they really live in the moment.

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