Much Ado About Nothing

This morning in the car, Babess had one of Fainjin’s toys, and he was whining for it.  Pearl – sitting between them – sighed and said “Fainjin, I don’t know why you always have to make such a big fuss.”

Fainjin paused in his whining, and said, “Noooo.  Wittle.”

Pearl said, “You’re making a big fuss!”

“No. Wittle fuss!”





etc, etc, for a while.  Then Fainjin said, with deliberation and great dignity, “Pearl.  I am not making a big fuss. I am making a wittle fuss!”

I was stifling hysterics in the front seat, and reflecting ruefully on the angst a short while ago when we thought he might be speech-delayed…  irony comes up to bite me yet again.

Happy Birthday, Pearl.  You’ve changed me in ways you cannot imagine.

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