Our thoughts go out to all those in Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga, and their families in NZ and across the Pacific, who have lost so many and so terribly much in the earthquake and tsunami yesterday.

Yesterday, as we listened with horror to reports of events unfolding in Samoa, we also heard that a tsunami could be heading our way.

If it came, it would arrive mid-to-late morning, and at that stage there was no telling how big it might be.  Residents of “coastal areas” were advised to keep listening to their radios and be prepared to evacuate if necessary.  Although I thought it was extremely unlikely that a tsunami would reach our street, it was remotely possible that we could be asked to move to higher ground.  So I started to put a few things together in a bag that  I could carry uphill if necessary.  Clothes, food, our passports.

Pearl found this very thrilling.  She got quite silly on it, “Oooooh, I’m so scared Mummy”, when really she wasn’t scared, she was enjoying the excitement of it all, the up-to-the-minute reports on the radio and the sense of action.  I told her to get a change of clothes together to go in the bag.  She did so, then asked about what snacks we could take with us.

Then she brought out one of her most-prized birthday presents, which she had received from a friend just the day before.  “I wouldn’t want my rose-quartz crystal to be washed away, Mummy!  Can you put it in the bag?”

Oh yes, my darling.  If we have to evacuate and leave the house and all our belongings except what I can carry on my back while running uphill, of course we will take your fist-sized lump of rock!  Not likely.

I felt sorry for Sparkle Bear.  Supplanted by a pink crystal, and so soon.

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