Magic words

I’ve waited so long for this.  Pearl told me very early, she can only have been about 18 months old.  Fainjin was later talking, so I knew I would have to be patient.  But it has been frustrating over the last couple of months, as his speaking has got clearer and clearer, with more words and longer sentences, not to hear what I was waiting for.  Sometimes I resorted to begging asking directly, but he didn’t oblige.

Today was the day.

As I strapped him into his carseat to go off to daycare, I kissed him and said, as always,  “Bye-bye Fainjin, have a good day.  Love you!”

He said “Buh-bye, Mama.”  Then smiled his sweetest, heart-breakingest smile, and said, “Wuv yoo.”


One Response to “Magic words”

  1. Ginia Says:

    awwwwwwwwwwww! I can’t wait to hear him say those words to me or you or anyone. He was barely making words last I saw his precious self…

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