Could be a long night

Babess has picked up a tummy bug.  For the past couple of nights she’s been unsettled around 11pm, unusual for her, and last night she woke – or at least, cried out – several times, but not for long enough to need someone to get up to her.   We noticed yesterday that she was clingy and a bit miserable, but thought she might be teething.  Today she has been more so, and hasn’t eaten very much.

Her Dad got her up after her afternoon nap, and she promptly threw up all her afternoon tea (a jar of pureed fruit, which she had asked for and eaten enthusiastically, making us think she was coming right) all over him.  She was pretty miserable after that, so I held her while I had dinner.  She wanted a feed, which I gave her, only to have it all come back at me about 10 minutes later.  Fainjin thought that was hilarious.  “Mama’s ALL WET!”

Poor little thing.  She’s been sitting on me for a couple of hours, just sitting, barely even watching the world go by, having another little vomit every so often.  She did perk up a bit when I gave her a sponge bath and put her in pyjamas, and tried to demand another feed.  I offered water instead, and she had enough energy to be mad at me, albeit fairly briefly.  I’ve put her to bed now, feeling distinctly queasy myself, hoping that it’s purely psychological and cursing my vivid imagination!  We’re steeling ourselves for a broken night and several loads of washing.

Oh, the glamours of parenthood.

Updated:  we dodged the bullet!  She was fine all night, called out once but settled again by herself.  During the day she has eaten mostly-normally, and only been a little clingy.  I do seem to have a very mild dose of the same thing, though.

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