A sensitive soul

Pearl’s birthday present this year was a horse-and-stable set.  It’s very sweet, and she loves that it comes with tiny apples and carrots for the horse and her foal, as well as a rider who has her own pink coffee mug, and a stable cat.  She was not so pleased, when we were putting it together, to discover little pink riding crops were included with the tack.

“Whips are mean to horses, Mummy, I won’t be using that, it can just be for decoration in the stable,” she said, pursing her lips.

Later, we went online to complete a “customer satisfaction” survey which had the incentive of a draw to win further toy sets.  She happily helped me fill it out, and at the end there was a box for “any further comments” about the product.  She had me write “It is cool and I like it”.

“Don’t you want to tell them that you think they shouldn’t put riding crops in the set?” I asked.

“Nooo, Mama!  You don’t want to hurt their feelings!”


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