Fainjin is getting more and more verbose, and increasingly emphatic especially in his negatives.  A simple “no” is unlikely.

For example, let’s say I need to put cream on his face and he doesn’t want me to.  Here’s what I’m likely to hear:

“Nooo Mama!  Cream all gone!  All finished cream!  No cream a-day.”  And then sometimes, in a frantic attempt at diversion and evasion “No, Mama, Babess cream.”

If I persist, I’ll often hear “I run away!” with a Doppler effect (hard to get when typing it!) as he takes off towards the laundry which is as far away as he can get but which is, conveniently for me, a dead-end.

Then he’ll let me put on the cream.  But next I’ll want him to put on a jacket.  “Nooo Mama!  Jacket all gone!” et cetera.

Like most events around here, sometimes it’s infuriating, and sometimes it’s just hard to keep a straight face.

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