Eagle eyes

Fainjin has an almost uncanny ability to spot airplanes and helicopters.   He will see them and tell us about them when they are tiny specks in the sky, and we’ve learnt not to doubt his word that there is a flying machine up there somewhere!

This morning, in the car, he said “Big plane”.  I scanned the sky, and sure enough, there was a plane that had obviously just taken off from the nearby airport.  Pearl complained that she couldn’t see it, most likely because she was sitting in the middle of the back seat and didn’t have a good view of anything.

“Plane stopped!” exclaimed Fainjin.  “No, it’s just turning,” laughed his Dad – it did look like the plane was hanging in mid-air, so we could see why he thought it had stopped.

“S’just turning awound, Peawl,” he kindly told his big sister.   It’s so cute when he “explains” things to her, and usually she doesn’t seem to mind.  Perhaps because it’s so cute.

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