Bedtime thoughts

Why is it that children love to make up “beds” in little tents or cosy spaces to play in, when they’re so reluctant to go to bed for real?

A great thing about freezing, windy, dark and rainy days is that you can put the kids to bed really early and they don’t even notice.  Last night we had them all down by 6pm, and no complaints.  They all slept until 7am, too, so we didn’t suffer for it this morning!

Fainjin seems to regard bedtime as a meal of many courses.  There’s the pre-bed ritual of milk and story-time, then he often declares “I s’eep Mummy bed!” and takes himself off into our bedroom, where he climbs up into the middle of our bed and snuggles himself down.  Quite often he will re-appear 20 or 30 minutes later, saying “I finish Mummy bed now”, at which point he’s usually quite content to be put into his own bed.  Notice all the “often”s and “usually”s in the above – there are several potential points of failure in his routine.  Luckily for us he really is very good about bedtime.  Usually.

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