Toy phones

Babess and Fainjin were playing in their room.  They had emptied out the toybox and found two toy cellphones, so had one each.  Fainjin is at the stage where he can carry out a realistic one-sided conversation on a toy phone, complete with appropriate pauses.  It’s the more entertaining because when presented with a real phone (and a real person on the other end), he tends to run away shouting “No!”

Babess likes pushing the buttons, especially on the phone that makes noises (we took the batteries out of the other one, it was too annoying).  She is starting to hold it near her ear, though, and “talk” to it or about it – hard to tell which.

I love watching them play together and alongside each other like this, deliberately copying each other and making each other laugh while exploring their own little worlds.

Long before I’m ready for it, they’ll be emailing each other


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