So proud

Pearl’s class has two teachers: one is there Monday-Thursday and the other teaches them every Friday.

Today when I went to collect her from school, her teacher came striding purposefully towards me in the playground.  I could tell she had something to say to me.  She stood with us, and said “Shall I tell your mother, Pearl, or will you?”

“You tell!” giggled Pearl, her eyes dancing (which sort of ruined the teacher’s attempt at stern demeanour, but she persevered).

“Pearl has had a terrible start to the term!” the teacher frowned.  But before I could even raise an eyebrow, she burst out laughing.  “No, she hasn’t, she’s doing brilliantly!”

She reminded us how, at the start of the year, Pearl would hide at mat-time, behind furniture or other children, and refuse to make eye contact or say a word.  And she told us how delighted she is that now Pearl is interacting and contributing not just fully but very well to the classroom.  Perhaps because this teacher only sees the class once a week, she is very aware of how much the kids develop and grow during the year.

I remarked that we had had a good week, that Pearl seemed to have grown up a lot even during the holidays.  Her teacher said, “I think it’s happened since you went back to work”.  Which is an interesting thought.  I was hoping that my return to work would be good for the whole family, under the theory that a happy and fulfilled mother (or father!) is a better parent, so the children benefit and are happier too.  But I didn’t really expect to have the effects made so clear to me, or so soon.  I know that Pearl really dislikes having to go to after-school care twice a week, so the fact that she is happier and more settled at school is even more striking.

In any case, there’s not much that’s as heart-lifting as a teacher making a special effort to tell you how well your child is doing and how proud she is of her.  Thanks, Ms N!

ps Pearl lost another tooth today.  She doesn’t know where it went.  Want to bet she swallowed it? Again?!


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