Not as exciting as we’d hoped

For weeks, we had been building it up, reading books about airplanes and pointing them out, and saying “Soon we will go in an airplane!  How exciting!”.  A daycare trip to the airport to watch the planes was well-timed, too.

It worked, for a while.  But two-thirds of the way to our first stop, Fainjin decided he’d had enough.  “I’m finished on the airplane!  All finished!”

Poor little man.  I was all sympathy, I’d had enough by then, too.  We’d all had to get up hours before we normally would, and were all feeling jaded.  But how to explain to him that there were several hours and two more airplanes to go?

Give him his due, though, he cheered up once we’d got off the plane and had a ride in a bus, and he got something to eat and drink.  Of course, he quickly tired of the second plane too, and even more quickly on the third.  Nonetheless, we made it to our destination and managed to retain some shreds of sanity.

And next morning?  The first thing he wants to know is, “Can we go in an airplane today?  Peese, Daddy?”

One Response to “Not as exciting as we’d hoped”

  1. Kelley Says:

    awwwwwww, that last line is priceless.

    And typical 🙂

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