Birthday cards

This morning the children all made birthday cards.  They were equipped with crayons, pens, and various stickers.

Pearl approached hers very seriously, planning it meticulously and carefully choosing her stickers as well as making her own embellishments from birthday -themed scrapbook paper.  She and Fainjin negotiated quite nicely to share resources.

Fainjin was out to stick as many things on the front and back of his card as possible.  One of the super-fancy stickers turned out to be a bit fragile, so I had to repair it for him, “Look Mama, it b’oken!  Oh dear!”  He was especially fond of the stickers depicting cupcakes.  “Nuvver cupcake Pearl?  Peese? You hava star, ok?”  Only after he was happy with the stickers did he do a little bit of drawing.  Then his Dad helped him write on the inside.

Babess was most interested in scribbling on the outside, but found the crayons frustrating.  I think she prefers felt-tipped pens.  She was much happier when she got hold of the ball-point pen and had a good go with that.  She put a few stickers on, but really disliked the way they stuck to her fingers and the way her mother wouldn’t let her stick them onto the table but insisted they should go on the card.

Pearl decorated the envelopes for all the cards, carefully marking the outside according to the creator’s initials.

A good time was had by all.

Happy Birthday Grandma!


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