Shock horror!

It’s been pretty hot, and today we went to visit people who have a pool.  We talked it up to the kids, persuading them all into an early-afternoon rest and/or nap before heading to the barbecue where they could go swimming!

Pearl had a ball in the water, we had to drag her out of it to eat in the end.  She made friends with some other girls who were there, and they were instantly inseparable.

Fainjin, on the other hand, was very keen on the idea of swimming.  We got him changed into his togs (swimwear) – a very cute swim-tshirt with matching shorts (over a swim-nappy) and hat, and he scampered over to the pool.  He loved the fact that there were balls and other toys floating around.  His Dad, who was in the water, helped him down into the pool.  He stood there, chest-deep, and his eyes and mouth went round in horror.

“I’m all wet!  It’s wet!  I wanna get OUT!”

And that was that.  Swim over.


2 Responses to “Shock horror!”

  1. whymommy Says:

    I can just see this happening! I love the “instantly inseparable” part — my Widget is like this too. He’s made friends in McDonald’s playlands all over the country as we travel together — happily playing, and then reluctantly (but good-naturedly) saying goodbye.

    Fainjin cracks me up.

  2. leechbabe Says:

    ROFL, that is too adorable 🙂 Love kids.

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