We took the children down to the waterfront, anxiously checking our watches.  There was still time.  People were gathering in loose knots, all looking in one direction.  We wandered along the grass, finding a little play area.  Pearl and Fainjin largely ignored the climbing wall and jungle-gym in favour of going “roly-poly” down the bank.  Babess giggled and jiggled while she watched them.

We checked our watches again.  Other people were muttering.  Someone walking past said “It’ll be here any minute”.  Five minutes later, cold, I said “Let’s walk – slowly – back to the car”.  We turned in that direction, and immediately saw the tell-tale puff of smoke.

“Look kids!  Here it comes!” we pointed.  The steam train puffed along the track, tooting as it came, in true story-book style.  We stood at the top of our little bank, a short distance from the track, and waved at the passengers, most of whom waved back.  And then the train stopped, right in front of us, to let them all off.  We walked up and had a good look at the engine, which – to our surprise – is the same brand as our refrigerator.

Babess beamed.  “Choo choo!” she said.


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