Gran’s chair

We have been visiting my Gran.  In her room is an electric recliner, with a control which lowers the back, raises the footrest, and generally moves it every-which-way.  The children quickly discovered this theme-park ride (possibly encouraged by their grandfather, who shares their fascination and glee – thanks, Dad!) and it has become a major attraction every time we pop in to visit.

Fainjin usually seizes the controls, and gives the girls “rides”, sometimes climbing on with them – while still holding firm to the controls – and sharing the fun.  Gran doesn’t mind, and it keeps them happy and occupied so we can chat with her.

This evening, I was going over to see her and say goodnight, and leaving the children and their Dad behind to get dinner and start going to bed.  I grabbed my handbag, and turned around to find Fainjin in tears.  “I see Gweat-Gwan!”, he sobbed.  “Fainjin come too!  I see Gweat-Gwan!”

He was inconsolable, and I left him wriggling in his father’s arms.  Gran and I had a good giggle when I told her – she has no illusions about a two-year-old choosing to come see her when the allure of The Chair is plain!


One Response to “Gran’s chair”

  1. Ginia Says:

    When I was small, my mom blew out her back and we had a hospital bed in the house. My brother and I would entertain ourselves every time she was forced to leave the bed. This was, of course, against the rules…but since she couldn’t *stop* us…

    love to Gran!

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