I had intended to have the younger two children’s hair cut about three weeks ago, but various illnesses and other events overtook us.  So Fainjin, in particular, has been looking pretty shaggy.  Babess was fine in front, but would get dreadlocks at the back, her hair is so fine and tangles so easily.

We took them both to the hairdresser today.  It’s theoretically possible for me to cut their hair, but much easier for me to hold them still and someone else to cut it.  Fainjin was wonderfully well-behaved this time, and as a reward did not come home with one long lock sitting in front of his left ear.  He looks like a little boy again, instead of a red English Sheepdog.

Babess had never had her hair cut before.  I’ve been waiting a long time for this – the other two had both had their first haircut by the age of 4 months, but Babess just didn’t have enough hair.  She was very interested in the whole process, so I ended up standing her up in my lap, to look over my shoulder at the mirror.  That way she could see what the hairdresser was doing, without tying herself in knots.  It didn’t keep her very still, but still enough for what the hairdresser called a “snatch and grab” at the long bits at the back.

She looks a bit neater, and I have some snips for the baby book and to send to Grandma.


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