We went to our next-door-neighbours’ place for a barbecue tonight.  It was lovely: the weather was perfect, the people are great, there were lots of other children there, and the food was fantastic.  I tried out asparagus wrapped in ham with home-made chilli-and-capsicum jelly, and it was deeeelicious.  Nice to see the food you brought to the party disappear so quickly.

Some of the other food we took also disappeared rather quickly.  Strawberries are about as cheap as they’re going to get at the moment, so I took along two punnets and a tub of chocolate dip.  My children aren’t interested in the chocolate dip (although, come to think of it, Fainjin would probably drink it if he figured out what it was), but the girls love their strawberries.

Pearl just helped herself, re-visiting the strawberry bowl I don’t know how many times, quietly and happily consuming several.  Babess, stuck in the push-chair, waved imperiously and called out, “Mummy!  Me me me!” whenever I was within arm’s reach of the berries.  I gave her one and watched her demolish it with great glee.  She would have eaten the green top as well, but I rescued it, and gave her another whole strawberry.

Then I got distracted, talking to one of our neighbours for a little while.  Babess was quiet for quite a while, and I just assumed she was still eating that strawberry (without really thinking about it).  Until I saw Fainjin taking her one.  He won’t eat them himself, but he’ll feed them to his baby sister.  Quite sweet of him, really.  She was beaming at him, and he was gazing fondly back.

So I don’t know how many she ate, either.  But there are worse things for them to overindulge in.



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