The school fair

After music and shopping this morning, Pearl and I left the Dad to mow the lawns and look after the babes (one was sleeping, the other hurtling down the driveway on his trike fire-engine), and went to the school fair.

It was a stunning day, and the fair was clearly a roaring success.  The principal was bravely taunting the children lined up to have a go at him at the “Sponge a Teacher” stand (he was pretty wet already when we saw him; they teach good throwing skills at this school), the bouncy castle was full of happy littlies, and the whole place was humming with activity.

We found the craft section, and I picked up some very cheap fabric remnants suitable for my quilting stash.  Pearl bought herself a “fairy bag” for twice as much as all my fabric.  It was a sparkly bag tied with a bright ribbon, containing a bead necklace, “fairy dust” – sequins and sparkles, some shells and feathers.  Marketing genius.

We escaped the bookstall with remarkably little damage, grabbed some tomato plants, and browsed the “International Food Market” for lunch.

One of the great rewards of parenthood is re-discovering things that you’ve forgotten you didn’t always know.  I saw a sign and said, “Hey, Pearl, let’s get some candy-floss!”

She said, “Some what?”

“Candy-floss!”  (Cotton candy, for American readers, fairy-floss if you’re Australian)

“I don’t know what that is,” she said dubiously.  When I told her it was pink sugar made all fluffy, she was a whole lot more enthusiastic.  We got some – I lifted her up to see how it was made, as the woman spun it together for us – and shared it.  I hadn’t had candy-floss in years, and it was better than I remembered.  Pearl found it heady stuff and didn’t really want very much, although she did enjoy what she had.

As we walked off, I heard another mother say, “Let’s get some candy-floss!”

Her seven-year-old replied, “What’s that?”


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